old and new connected

THE ROENTGEN CONNECTION was founded in 2002 by harpsichordist Goska Isphording and blokflutist Karolina Bäter in order to perform contemporary music on their historical instruments.

The idea of ‘Roentgen’ beams (X-ray) screening the musical material has been an important central thought from the start. The contrast between the historical instruments and the extremely contemporary music seemed to be a major challenge. The aim was to free those instruments from their historical context and place them in the contemporary music as independent instruments. The experiment soon proved successful and the confrontation between old and new began.

THE ROENTGEN CONNECTION has won prizes at various competitions, such as the first prize at the ‘Ínternational Penderecki Competition for Modern Chamber Music’ in Cracow/Poland in 2002 and the fourth prize in the final round at the ‘Internationale Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music’ in Rotterdam/The Netherlands in March 2003. Soon after, the ensemble started the collaboration with Karin Preslmayr, who specializes in contemporary viola da gamba playing.

Several projects of the ensemble have been funded by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, ‘BKKC’ and the Polish Composers’ Union.

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